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  • Wow & thank you so much for having this awesome site. We have a small mixed breed dog, Buddy. Buddy had been a stray, and who knows how the dog survived on the streets, as it has the most sensitive digestive system. When recently visiting our daughter in Arizona, Buddy was given some table scraps and became violently ill. We managed to find a wonderful vet just a few blocks from her home and got the care that saved our Buddy's life. Thank you so much! Suzanne & Buddy


  • After spending several weeks visiting our friends in Texas, we wanted to send them a special thank you gift. We used CreativePetGifts.com on the Barley's list. We sent an awesome gift for their pets and they were both surprised and grateful for the unexpected treats for their pets. I highly recommend this site for gifts for pet owners. Joe


  • Our dog, Jackson, had been injured seriously before we adopted him. We always need a caring place to take him for grooming. Thanks to Barley's List we were able to find a compassionate, gentle groomer while we were on vacation with him. The Leopards


  • My sister adores her pets. I wanted to find a gift for her dog, but didn't know where to look. I decided to try Barleys List and was amazed how easy and informative the site was. Thank you Barleys List!. P. Montalvo


  • I recently lost my retriever. She lived a very long and happy life. I needed a special place to lay her to rest. I found the most beautiful place in Napa Valley through Barleys List. I now visit her there and feel very grateful that there is a place called Barleys List that has so many wonderful resources. M. Salonen


  • My son collects unusual pets. His bearded dragon requires special foods and care. Thanks to Barley's List we located several companies near us that could supply all his special needs. The Carenas



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